We want to help people recreate the coffee shop experience at home with seriously tasty and high quality coffee. We’re also passionate about ensuring that our coffee farmers and their communities are well looked after and receive a fair price. This is why we only use ethically sourced, speciality grade coffee in our products.

Technology was designed to make our lives easier but it’s actually having a negative impact. We’re now obsessed with spending all our time on screens. It’s affecting our work, our health and our relationships.

Face-to-face connection with family or a friend can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Coffee connects people and we have a big over-aching mission to bring human connection back to 10,000 kitchens by 2025.

Our values reflect our products and more importantly, us as people. We hope you enjoy being part of the Coffee & Kin family.


1. Quality as a top priority.

2. Being honest and ethical in everything that we do.

3. Don’t take ourselves too seriously and have fun whenever we can.

4. Knowing the importance of customer experience.

5. Passionate about our products, our people and the Coffee & Kin community.

6. Kinship – because life is better with family and friends.