As a coffee drinker you have two options of coffee  — regular or specialty. But what’s the difference between those two, and why should you care?

Specialty coffee is all about quality and taste. It’s a dedication from everyone in the coffee chain to work together to ensure excellence from start to finish.

Great coffee starts with the coffee grower, whose family has likely spent generations perfecting their approach to farming the highest quality coffee in the world. Grown in carefully selected altitudes and climates, quality not quantity is their most important consideration. Only coffees free of defects and picked at their peak of ripeness will be sold onto the green coffee buyer.

A Speciality coffee buyer has a palate as distinguished as a sommelier. They develop the tasting notes and descriptions before transferring the coffee onto a coffee roaster. Coffee roasting is an art and it requires a great deal of knowledge and experience to produce a speciality level coffee. Coffee must be closely monitored during the roasting process and scientific principles applied to ensure the highest standard of quality and flavour come through in the final roasted bean.

Lastly, there’s you the consumer. When you take the time to find a coffee that has been produced with passion, you’re not only enjoying a higher quality coffee, which is packed full of taste and flavour, but you’re also committing to a higher standard of living for every person who contributed to your coffee along the way, which is pretty darn cool.