Coffee & Kin is run by Ruth, Kathryn, Mark and Chris, two sisters who happened to marry Aussie best friends. We’re all addicted to the UK café culture and love drinking fresh, tasty cups of coffee wherever we go.
We believe that the speciality coffee shop experience can also be enjoyed in your kitchen, on holiday or in the office through our range of speciality nespresso® compatible coffee pods.
We’re also offering Coffee & Kin freshly roasted coffee beans as well as coffee beans from a carefully selected range of artisan coffee roasters, who all have their own exciting story to tell.

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Mark’s coffee story –

My best mate (Chris) introduced me to proper tasting coffee in his coffee shop in Adelaide. This is where my fascination and love for speciality coffee began. It tasted so much better than instant coffee and each cup took me on a different journey. I quickly became obsessed with making sure everyone experienced speciality coffee, even those looking for a quick cup of convenience in their own kitchen! So began Coffee and Kin.

My most memorable coffee moment

Chris bought me a Guatemalan single blend in a coffee shop in Newcastle and my reaction was one of amazement that a coffee could have so much character and taste. Now, I’m obsessed with seeking out speciality coffee shops around the UK and Europe on the search for great tasting espressos.


Chris’s coffee story –

My story of coffee is a journey from coffee packaging supplier to coffee sales to coffee wholesaler and roaster and then on to coffee shop owner. I’ve gone from selling coffee into cafes to roasting and developing my own blends and single origin coffees. Once I opened ‘Pandora’s box’ on the different coffee varieties (country of origin, variety, harvest process, washed process etc.), the search to try ALL the different types has become an obsession. There is also a science and artistic endeavour to make the best coffee, which is geeking out and experimenting with roasting temperatures, times and air pressures and then getting excited to taste the fruits of your labour.

My most memorable coffee moment

I gave Mark and Ruth their very first cup of specialty coffee in my coffee shop in Adelaide and almost instantly the idea for Coffee & Kin was born.


Ruth’s coffee story –

I actually fell in love with the coffee shop experience. It’s a great place to spend time with friends and family and chat about anything and everything. Over time, my love for great tasting coffee grew and we bought a Nespresso® machine for home as I just didn’t want to drink instant coffee anymore. I have at least three coffees a day and I’ve fallen in love with speciality coffee because basically, it just tastes so much better.

My most memorable coffee moment

For our 10th wedding anniversary, Mark and I went to Amsterdam. We’d heard about this fabulous coffee shop called Lot 61 and I will always remember how amazing my latte tasted – silky and smooth and absolutely delicious. We sat outside and watched the world go by and I loved every minute.


Kathryn’s coffee story –

To be honest, I’m actually the tea drinker of the team. My coffee story started because my husband is very passionate about coffee, if not obsessed and I have been used as the guinea pig! Over the years I’ve tasted many different varieties and new blends that he’s roasted! I prefer a coffee that is light, smooth and sweet tasting opposed to a strong earthy coffee. My favourite coffee so far would have to be a Costa Rican coffee.

My most memorable coffee moment

Trying espressos in lots of different coffee shops in Italy where we got married. Over there, it’s very much the culture to stand up and have a quick coffee and then move on to a glass of prosecco!

We recognise that good coffee is a lifestyle choice and intend to bring the enjoyment of drinking specialty coffee to as many homes and businesses as possible. We hope you’ll join us. Please check out our fabulous range of coffee products in our shop.